Jeffrey Uniquely Supports You

How does Jeffrey uniquely support you and your attendees?

He knows what’s important to you as a meeting planner. He keep you informed. He cares for your client. He makes sure you have the information you need when you need it.

His stories connect.

Successful Presentations

His experience as an executive, leader, speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach guarantees a successful presentation. His knowledge of business includes finance, strategy, implementation, onboarding, change, negotiation, process improvement, and talent development. He relates to the audience and contributes to their dreams. He guides them to exceeding boundaries and entering new environments. He’s been told his presentations helped individuals with new responsibilities and personal challenges. A successful presentation is the result of presenter and audience connecting. They connect through understanding and shared experience. Stories, humor, comedy, and learning points are all valuable components of a well orchestrated presentation.

Relating to Audiences

While bringing all these to a presentation, they do not make Jeffrey unique.
What makes him unique is his journey and the experiences along the way: Experiences that attendees at all levels can relate to – the experience of choice, success, risk, skill mastery, and the unknown.

Experiences that show that success and dreams are a work in progress born out of hope combined with daily effort. Who in the audience wishes to sharpen their focus on results?

Exceeding Boundaries
He communicates the language of exceeding boundaries and leading the way to change and success. Who in your audience seeks guidance with change?

New Environments
While a leading salesman (he began in the accounting department) for Apple Computer, he joined a smaller company with a new technology as National Sales Manager. Who in your audience wants to try new skills and step out of their comfort zone?

Ethical Choices
He resigned from that organization within six months without prospects of a new position when he suspected improprieties in financial reporting. Who in your audience has faced ethical issues head-on?

New Responsibilities
While consulting he was hired as Vice President of Marketing for an international firm to build a new market. How many of those in the audience are faced with new tasks without a map of what needs to be done?

He bought the rights to market in the US. How many in your audience need to take new positions without experience or knowledge?

Personal Challenges
After building the organization he wanted, he took a new direction and joined the ranks in the financial markets – where he was faced with his greatest challenge – and greatest fears. How many of the leaders in your audience face challenges that dwarf all prior successes? How would a story of triumph and success affect them? How would they like to know the tools that can bring them success?

Content for Success
Since that time he has studied what creates great change and learned the critical role language and thought play in success. He has worked to develop exercises and methods to pass on this knowledge. It is knowledge from experience backed by the studies of generations of experts. What better speaker than one who sees boundaries as milestones to measure life by?