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Looking for immediate results? You’ve come to the right place.

Jeffrey Hansler’s background along with his 35 years of hands-on training experience could be the key to pivotal changes you’re working on.

Whether your program is intended for entry-level or top-level professionals, you can count on and engaging learning experience.

Tell Jeffrey Hansler the result you desire and he delivers it. He commits to working with you and developing the ideal program suited to meet your specific objectives. His programs improve organizational performance and produce results.

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Popular Training Programs

Titles shown represent programs requested more than twenty-five times.

Programs are tailored or fully customized to fit your needs. The program delivered for you will match your venue, event, time allocated, organizational culture, and desired results.

  • Get the Board to Buy-in
  • Superstar Selling
  • Negotiate with Nothing
  • Positive Persuasion
  • Win in Sales
  • Telesales Success
  • Translated Service to Sales
  • Customer Service Serves Profits
  • Lead Change with Buy-In
  • Change Begins with ‘C’ for Culture
  • Organizational Change and Dominos
  • i-Influence
  • Influence, Negotiation, and Persuasion
  • Addressing Groupthink
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching Par Excellence
  • Manage your Life not Time
  • Team Power and Dynamics
  • Listen to This
  • Communication Excellence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Hot Conversations
  • Lead Innovation
  • Discover Your Best Leadership Style
  • Finance for the Non-Financial
  • Critical Thinking
  • Enhance Your Competitive Advantage from the Inside-Out
“Thanks again for all your help and patience. Just last week I had one of my sales people use your last resort approach, “I know you don’t want to see me anyway and I know you won’t ever buy from me…” The next day he had a phone call back and has an appointment with the buyer. We have never even heard back from him on our messages until now. Another one of my sales people converted!!!!!! Thanks.” Ralph Nilssen - Kirk Company
“Excellent adaptation of material to meet the class needs. Excellent presenter. Good materials and the trainer made the course fit the needs of the class.” Rick Cone - Perkin Elmer
“It fully met my expectations. The material was well prepared presented. I will recommend without reservation the trainer and the seminar.” Arturo Garcia – InLine, Inc.
“Used useful examples of how to be aware of communications problems & how to correct them, the techniques to promote participation worked well.” Mike Kovac- Newcomer Products Inc.

Jeffrey Hansler is an expert trainer, author, motivator and educator. His ability to translate corporate objectives into entertaining, absorbable and memorable programs is constantly validated by the feedback of his clients. He is proud to serve those who are excited about investing in their future and making a difference.

The Difference

“The difference is simply powerful!!! We are more cohesive… open…understanding. Thank you for sharing your mastery in the areas of communication and negotiation.” Kim Callis, General Mills
“This was the best bit of education I have received since graduating from college. Thank you, definitely worth the time and money.” Geoffrey Blunt - Republic Group

Clients Include

National Business Travelers Association
Boeing Management Group
Wurth Industries
UC Berkeley
General Mills
One Legacy
Borg Warner Protection Services
Brassfield & Gorrie

Sales and Marketing Executives
United Association – AFL/CIO
Iron Workers
Vans Shoes, Inc.
Freed and Associates
AT&T… and many more.

Jeffrey often incorporates the Directed Communication™ model into programs. The intuitive process Directed Communication™ is simply: What successful people do!

All of Jeffrey’s programs combine simple truths with easy-to-remember guidelines that raise the influence of every participant.

CEO’s, executives, managers, department heads, salespeople, and salespeople all say,

“I know exactly how to put these principles into practice!”

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