Top Five Reasons for Hiring Jeffrey

Why should I hire Jeffrey Hansler?

Great question! Short answer – he delivers.


Having powerful persuasive communication skills always provides an advantage.

Persuasion skills are fundamental to leadership, change, and result oriented communication. Want to raise your EQ (Emotional Quotient), the level of your Emotional Intelligence? It starts with awareness and depends on persuasion: your ability to persuade yourself and others of the change.

Imagine a persuasive communication model that serves you in any situation and under any circumstance. Now imagine your entire company communicating with the same model. You and your organization would have an enormous advantage over your current competition. You’d also have the key to rapidly adjusting to changes in your industry. You would have an enormous advantage over any competition in the future.

I bring you this model and the power with every program I deliver, every consulting project, and every coaching session.

The awareness, knowledge, and skills I provide serve your organization, the ones you love, and the results you desire. You can increase your ability to gain everything life has to offer in a dramatic and profound manner.


The model is woven into every program I conduct.

The model helps me create a relaxed atmosphere where you and attendees maximize learning.

I charge my programs with high-energy to make learning fun.

I adjust the energy level and motivational threshold to provide the greatest use of our time together. I leverage the knowledge I’ve learned by investing countless hours in research and real world tests: tests that were expensive so you would be presented with solutions proven to work.


(Top 5 Reasons for hiring Jeffrey Hansler)

1. Proven skills, behaviors, and techniques that enhance success for you and your organization. I engage and energize the audience to maximize the learning opportunity. With over 1000 hours of program material, I build keynotes, breakout sessions, and ongoing edutainment sessions for your event.

2. I enhance the sense of purpose within your organization. I create and deliver relevant programs on real world issues to encourage life-changing questions. I have walked in their shoes, and I know how to take them to the next level.

3. My material is based in scientific research. Experts in the fields of business, communication, psychology, philosophy, biology, and finance share the burden for solving today’s dilemmas. I tap into their knowledge vault. I spend the time necessary to make complex concepts easy to understand and remember. I supply the tools for others to master the skills to succeed. My programs are high content with valuable how-to knowledge. So I deliver exceptional value for attendees.

4. I remain connected to my audiences and design my programs to be interactive. I shift and adjust programs, even keynotes, to keep the audience entertained and engaged while learning. I guarantee my programs to fit your audience, culture, event theme, brand, and desired results. My programs present new perspectives to entertain and enlighten individuals who are new to their jobs and those who may have lost their inspiration along the way.

5. I am a resource for meeting planners and organizations and provide time-tested ideas and experience they can rely on under all conditions. I have driven 18 hours when flights were canceled and delivered programs when power outages shut off the lights. I deliver cutting edge concepts with a wide knowledge of industries. My experience provides me the ability to show my clients and audience new trends. Meeting, event planners, corporate training personnel, and clients appreciate the flexibility I offer. I work closely with them to customize content, do needs analysis, conference calls and research. I deliver what they need when they need it. I make them and their training, meeting, and event my number one priority where participants feel safe to ask their questions. They gain two wonderful gifts: opportunity and hope.