Talent Development

Choose Jeffrey as your Talent Development Solution

Talent development is the advancement of training to a focus on people development. Talent development is the process of changing an organization, its employees, and the process of people development using planned and uplanned learning. The desired result is a competitive advantage for the organization and a desired career place for the employee.

This change acknowledges effective skill development and change are best when continuous learning is built into the culture of the organization and mindset of stakeholders.

Why Choose Jeffrey Hansler as your Talent Development Solution?

While talent development may be a new concept for organizations, its the process Jeffrey Hansler has been involved in for 35 years. When ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) became the global ATD (Association for Talent Development) in 2014, Jeffrey Hansler became a board member of the Orange County chapter (Vice President of Marketing) in 2014, President Elect (2015), and President for 2016 and 2017.

For over 35 years, Jeffrey Hansler has discovered and shared the secrets of persuasive communication. He demonstrates the skills to see, hear, and feel the inner decision-making connections which occur during conversations and meetings.

He provides a clear path for others to put these skills to immediate use. As a result, your colleagues, executives, managers, supervisors, sales, staff, and frontline personnel benefit immediately from his presentations.

Always leading by example, Jeffrey Hansler teamed up with Dr. Jim Dowd, Senior Fellow at Harvard University, to bring an advanced Organizational Development program to organizations in North America.