Live and LOL (Live OnLine Learning)

Jeffrey Hansler engages, educates, entertains, and energizes your attendees!

He passionately translates his knowledge into entertaining programs providing skills and excitement for attendees.

Modern conferences and events provide multiple learning opportunities for attendees. Each presenting discipline requires a different tempo, delivery, content, and message to meet audience expectations.

His in depth knowledge of content, presentation, and ‘tech’ ensures you receive the best result. Jeffrey has been working extensively with hybrid program technology (live online) for years. So if you want him virtually, he knows what’s needed.

Keynotes and General Session Programs

Keynote and General Session programs are tied to your theme and delivered from the main stage. They set the stage for the day or bring your event to a close. Stimulating and powerful are desired results. Common program length is between 10 – 60 minutes. Jeffrey has been delivering keynote and general session programs for clients since 1994. All keynote and general session programs are custom.


Breakout programs take participants deeper into a subject. While tied to a theme, they target specific skill sets of learning and experience. The most effective Breakouts connect skills to desired results. Common length is 45 -180 minutes. Jeffrey has been delivering breakout programs for clients since 1983. Breakout programs are based on the 1000 plus hours of programing developed by Jeffrey over the years and tailored to the event, client, and desired results.


It’s a global economy and big events serve multiple purposes. Training programs, usually conducted before or after events, leverage the time and money spent on attendees traveling long distances. Common length is between 1 – 3 days. All training is customized to meet your needs. Jeffrey has been conducting training sessions since 1980 and executive and advanced training since 1988.

Hybrid and Virtual Sessions

People have busy schedules and attending conferences and events is not always possible. Hybrid sessions (aka LOL or Live OnLine Learning) include live presenters and audiences, and virtual presenters and audiences. Virtual sessions include either a virtual presenter or audience. Common length is between 30 – 120 minutes. Jeffrey has worked with the technology heavily since 2015. Besides delivering frequent presentations, he regularly designs programs and coaches (presenters and production crew) for successful delivery of hybrid and virtual programs. He even does webinars.

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The Power of Communication

Jeffrey specializes in the power of communication.

“Skilled communication is an individual’s and organization’s most powerful asset. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.”

Deliberate communication defines the target, community, and result. To change behaviors, habits, skills, and results – even yours – you must change beliefs and thoughts which are born out of communication of events and their meaning.

Innovation, dedication, commitment, sales, market share, and profits all began from an idea and a belief.

While specific skills and references are topic based (innovation, leadership, sales, negotiation, change, etc.), the canvas for every topic Jeffrey presents is communication. He reveals throughout his presentations the communication links empowering learning and change for attendees.

Existing programs titles ready for customization for your organization:

    You Make It Happen
    Positively Persuasive
    Inside-Out Innovation
    Personality Plus
    Forever Strong
    Selling the World
    Up Your EI
    Magical Mind Games

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