Sample Keynote Programs

This sample list of keynote programs includes titles tested over time and draw attendees to the event. Like all of Jeffrey’s programs, these titles are easily adjusted to match event themes, and the very content of the programs is altered to specifically match the interests of the organization and the attendees.

You Make It Happen

This is the program most requested by organizations. It is readily adaptable to a myriad of themes and messages for conferences and events. The result is an audience standing in appreciation for this program and your entire event.

This powerful and motivational presentation delights your group with inspiration for action. You Make It Happen takes the audience on a humorous journey of building better communication skills. Throughout the program Jeffrey includes stories encourage, provide insight, and share light-hearted examples of working new  skills in both professional and personal situations. Those attending experience the power of real stories about rebuilt attitudes and positive actions. They know after experiencing this program that they, indeed, Make It Happen!

Length: 45–60 minutes

Cloning the Million Dollar Sales Rep

This program provides sales managers and executives insights for building winning teams and the five characteristics that make multi-million dollar sales reps. The program is designed to be either product or service (or both) oriented for the benefit of the attendees. During the delivery of this entertaining and humorous program Jeffrey shares tools to interview, hire, train, retain, and evaluate sales staff for success. It’s a bottom-line program with top-line appeal.

Length: 45–60 minutes

The Competitive Advantage in Customer Service

Organizations are looking to customer retention with renewed interest. This motivational presentation delivers powerful persuasive communication techniques even the most passive individual in your organization can adapt and use immediately. Everyone is part of your organization’s success and with the insights shared in this program, it is clear your entire organization benefits.

Length: 45–60 minutes

Negotiation’s Magnificent Eight

This program shares the 8 foundational negotiation techniques used by the experts. Wrapped in funny examples providing an incentive to practice and learn these skills, Jeffrey takes the attendees on a journey of discovery. This program is a valuable experience for any group that communicates in a situation where negotiation skills come in handy – hey, that’s about every situation there is! From beginning  to end of the program, attendees gain new insights into the communication skills involved in the process of negotiation.

Length: 45–60 minutes

Life is a Funny Thing

This program provides the laughter needed to put a smile on everyone’s face and a glow in their hearts. Painting humorous pictures that anyone can relate to, this lighthearted look at life and its challenges will refresh the audience, as they laugh themselves into a new perspective on life.

Length: 45–60 minutes

Turning High Level Sales Talk into Everyday Language

This program is specifically designed for highly technical salespeople. The program shares the success skills every salesperson needs to find, progress, and close a sale. Carefully crafted stories create the foundation for attendee sales improvement. The program is an eye opener for what works and provides the seasoned sales professional insights from an entirely different perspective. This program is designed to be a refreshing break from product and technical sales curriculum while focusing on delivering sales and profit results.

Length: 45–60 minutes

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