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Positively Persuasive with Jeffrey Hansler
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Positively Persuasive is a monthly blog providing quality persuasion perspectives. Positively Persuasive is about reaching your full potential and helping others fulfill their dreams as well.

As a professional persuader – You do see the value of persuasion, don’t you? – engaging your mind and keeping your influence, negotiation, sales, and persuasion skills top-notch all the time is critical to your profession and to your life.

Jeffrey Hansler is an expert at organizational development, leadership, and persuasive communication which includes skills of influence, negotiation, sales, body language, micro-expressions, and authority. He has been actively studying and experimenting with persuasion since 1975. And by throwing himself into impossible situations, he’s had to learn under fire on many occasions.

While you can Google all sorts of information on persuasion to ‘own’ the skills require critical perspectives which come from real life experience. Each Positively Persuasive issue provides those perspectives and more exposing you to years of insights into the workings of the human mind.

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