Hiring (Booking) Jeffrey

Booking Jeffrey is easy. Email him or call his office. If you call, you’ll leave a message an he will be back with you in short order. He will answer your questions and will ask a few questions about the event date, location, desired topic, audience, and the results you want. He finds out the information and supporting materials you need and gets them to you.

Please call us at 714-960-7461 or e-mail.

What happens when you book Jeffrey Hansler?

In order to assist you in understanding the process of hiring Jeffrey Hansler, we have put together the following information. This is an all-inclusive list and depending upon your particular program and engagement, there may be items that will not apply.

For personal assistance with your unique program, please contact our office by calling (714) 960-7461 or e-mail us!

The First Step

• Initial agreements are sent to you for authorization and a deposit is received at our office to confirm your date(s).

Program Development

• Jeffrey begins the process of customizing the perfect program for you. He will contact key individuals that you select to conduct phone interviews with them and determine underlying needs.
• The best Title(s) for your program(s) are developed.
• Handout(s) and slides are built around your customized program.
• A master of the Handout(s) is submitted to you for duplication.
• An appropriate Introduction of Jeffrey is submitted to you for your program.

Program Marketing

Jeffrey’s top notch articles may be reproduced in your publication(s) to generate excitement and interest in your program.
A dynamic description of your program is developed and submitted for promotional use.
A web link is added to your website providing information to program attendees

Travel Arrangements

Jeffrey’s hotel accommodations are made. Specifications: Preferably concierge level, non-smoking, king. High-speed Internet access will be included in travel expense.
Jeffrey’s transportation to and from destination airport to the hotel is arranged. A scheduled pick-up and drop-off is preferred. Air
Transportation is booked by Oxford Company unless otherwise arranged.
Oxford Company will book full coach for domestic flights and business class for international flights. Restricted tickets may be purchased and upgraded. Weather or emergency related changes (including new ticket purchases) to ticketing (not to exceed full coach airfare) to ensure Jeffrey’s arrival at his next location will be billed as part of travel expense.
Final Check

Program details are confirmed.
Travel / Accommodations are confirmed.
Program Delivery

Jeffrey exceeds your expectations with a spectacular, results producing program.

Program results are evaluated.
Participant evaluations are reviewed.
Any follow-up material promised is delivered.
Resources are made available on the website
Future training, coaching, and or additional supplemental programs are discussed.
Testimonials are requested on letterhead.