Audio Visual Guidelines

Jeffrey presents ‘live’ with and without additional audio visual equipment. The decision is based on:

  • What is best for the audience
  • The objectives of the presentation
  • Specific client requests

When AV is used, Jeffrey prefers using his own laptop computer to deliver the presentation.

For the specific presentation, the following may also be necessary

  • LCD projector and screen
    • with computer sound wire
  • Microphones
    • Wireless lavaliere microphone (for keynotes and sessions of 60+)
    • Hand-held wireless microphone
    • Multiple microphone mixer
  • whiteboard with pens
  • electronic writing pad
  • electronic whiteboard
  • flipchart with pens

Jeffrey has extensive experience presenting virtually as well.
Room Setup
The following suggestions are important for the effectiveness of Jeffrey’s presentation and overall success of your event:

  • Jeffrey prefers short introductions. His introduction is here.
  • Jeffrey is a high-energy, animated speaker who likes to move across the stage and into the audience.
    • Please take this into consideration when setting up stage and audio logistics
  • In order to build intimacy and rapport, an¬†audience should be seated close to the speaker: for smaller audiences, consider removing extra seating.
  • Eating, loud doors slamming, music, cell phones all create distractions and most can be eliminated with announcements and pre-planning.
  • Lighting is important and Jeffrey works with you A/V team to light the room for audience enjoyment.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please call us at (714) 960-7461 or e-mail us .

Thank you!