Contract Training

Today organizations contract for training and talent development. Reasons include rapid organizational growth, outside expertise, credibility, and cost cutting. Jeffrey Hansler is available for contract training and talent development.

Contract Training

Jeffrey can design, redesign, and deliver the training needed by your organization. If you are growing or entering new markets, his talents serve your training department handsomely. While contract training can include design and delivery of specific modules, sometimes you just need a trusted expert trainer for training delivery.

Contract Talent Development

Talent development adds planning and strategy to training. Talent development is development of your greatest asset – the people in your organization. Successful talent development includes evaluating, coaching, and strategic planning. Maybe, you’re building your training department. Jeffrey provides experience and guidance to the process.

Contract Sales Talent Development

Jeffrey Hansler is available for contract sales training. These contracts maximize sales training results – a powerful opportunity. Sales trainers often spend only a fraction of their time providing training. And trainers who never excelled in sales, don’t have the credibility salespeople demand.

Jeffrey Hansler has sales success as an inside salesperson, telemarketer, telesales, field sales, sales management, and sales through distributors and representative firms. Your sales people learn his powerful methods for success.

Contact Jeffrey Hansler if you wish to discuss sales training solutions for your organization.


Coaching is a subset of contract talent development. Coaching is usually with an individual or small group. His extensive experience in leadership, persuasive communication, and organizational development, make Jeffrey Hansler the perfect coach for executives, managers, and supervisors.

He brought in for highly sensitive situations and steering organizations and individuals out of harm’s way of potentially explosive situations.

Contact Jeffrey Hansler if you wish to discuss coaching solutions for your people.

And if you’ve tried other solutions which haven’t worked, it’s time to reach out to Jeffrey Hansler.