Jeffrey Hansler actively and intensely works to understand your organization.

If NOW is the right time for your project, Jeffrey dialogues, evaluates, recommends, and orchestrates for your desired results.

Whether you bring him into your organization as a trusted expert, an extra pair of hands to get back on schedule, or as a collaborator working side-by-side with you to solve complex problems, he delivers results as coach and consultant.

His experience and insights shed light on issues interfering with desired results.

Since Jeffrey develops, designs and delivers training, he understands the challenges change brings to the environment and learning. He understands the value of creating a safe environment. He understands the value of transferring skills to those involved in change. He knows the best actions to achieve behavior change and skill enhancement. He provides the necessary guidance for individuals, teams, and leaders to implement changes when his job is done.

Innovative Leadership

Leadership can be a lonely spot – especially when implementing change. Jeffrey’s experience as a consultant in leading sweeping and innovative organizational change projects makes him the perfect trusted advisor. Ever lead a project to radically shift a 125 year old organization’s culture and focus? He has.

Coach, consultant, confidante – it’s all about achieving the results you want.

Whether its buy-in from the board, leading innovation, expanding EQ, or shifting the corporate culture to address market changes, he is your valuable asset to leverage.

His coaching and messaging helped elected officials into office and fulfill their promises to the public. He helped CEO’s save time, money, and avoid legal battles when re-negotiating contracts with boards, suppliers, employees, unions, and customers.

It’s easy to start, just give him a call. Change sets dominos in motion: Knowing how the dominos fall is critical. He shares that knowledge with you.

Sales Consulting

Your sales operation provides revenue for growth. Whether publicly traded or privately held, revenue and your ability to predict future sales define the strength of your organization.

With years of experience in a variety of sales situations, plus the additional experience of working with hundreds of sales organizations, Jeffrey Hansler is uniquely qualified as your sales consultant.

Having trouble budgeting sales growth? Call Jeffrey. Have only one or two sales superstars leading the way and can’t figure out how to transfer their skills to others? Call Jeffrey. Markets changing on you? Call Jeffrey. Hiring the wrong salespeople? Call Jeffrey. Need guaranteed success with a new product or service? Call Jeffrey.

From hardcore straight commission phone and face-to-face sales to sophisticated high risk complex proposal sales with long production requirements, Jeffrey shows you how to plan and forecast better and capture those sales faster.

Organizational Culture

Culture trumps everything regarding the success or failure of an organization. Changing culture requires dedicated commitment from leadership.

Organizations function through an endless series of decisions. These decisions are based on the beliefs, assumptions, and values established in the organization. It’s just the way we do things here.

Within your organization, many cultures exist. Each of these impacts the outcomes of efforts.

Jeffrey has been involved in some of the most ambitious organizational change projects in the 21st Century. This knowledge in priceless to your organization and is available on every project in which he’s engaged.

The Measurable Difference

His knowledge of the “learning organization” makes him different from other consultants. All change requires a transfer of knowledge to others. Individuals must gain new perspectives to change with the organization. Your people and  systems are the most important part of the organization.

The communication which occurs in your organization isn’t random. It’s part of a structured system that can be harnessed to deliver results. Jeffrey provides the focus and tools to match human capital to communication models delivering the changes and results you need.

Other Solutions – OCC

Organizations use technology and systems to achieve results with fewer people. Each individual is thus more valuable to the organization. Supply them with information and skills to face those challenges and your organization gains the competitive edge you seek. A consulting project lead by Jeffrey delivers that edge.

If you or your organization needs change on a grander scale, consider working with Oxford Company Consultants. Oxford Company Consultants tackles exceptional organizational development and change projects. If your organization culture is deeply imbedded and no longer serves your organization, you require outside expertise. These are the projects for which OCC was designed.

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