The Whopping Self-Deception Tax for Nonprofits Attempting Organizational Change

flushing money down the toilet

Nonprofit organizations are tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code because they provide “public benefit”. Nonprofits serve communities and individuals in distress, serve industry trade organizations, supply growth and learning opportunities for industry and business membership associations, and serve many other public interests. There are over 600 subgroup classifications of nonprofits. While there are obvious advantages to a nonprofit, an elusive weakness …

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll… and Thank You Notes

Thank You Note

“Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”, a 1977 single by Ian Dury, popularized the phrase. The song begins with the lyrics: Sex and drugs and rock and roll Is all my brain and body need Sex and drugs and rock and roll Are very good indeed… The counterculture of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ celebrated new ideas and approaches to life …

The Hunt

Love the hunt. Love the planning. Love the preparation. Love the hunt. Love the work. Love the search. Love the hunt. Love first contact. Love the tension. Love the hunt? Connect.