For many, there is a special connection reading a book the old fashion way. It’s intimate and contributes to learning. Jeffrey maintains a library of 300 books. New books must be good enough to displace existing books. The library is set at 300. The books in the library are the books he reads multiple times, dates the book each time he finishes it, and writes notes in the margins about events relating to the contents of the book. about reading a book: Maybe its the way you can hold it or the way you can control the pace of your reading. If you enjoy books the way I do, here are some you may wish to add to your library.

Then again – online books are cool too. If ebooks are to your liking, check out one of these:

Sell Little Red Hen! Sell!

A fable twist that will take you on a journey of communication discovery and mastery of your own destiny. Learn more or purchase

Conversations on Success

Seventeen success stories of getting the job done with dynamic professionals that face the same challenges that you do.

The Masters of Impact Negotiating

Find your keys to successful negotiating and add to your skill set with the guidance of eighteen expert negotiators.