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From 1980 through 1982, he was a top sales representative for Apple Computer. During this time, he worked with personnel in sales, management, distribution, and finance. He negotiated multiple ‘critical’ wins for the Apple Computer dealers in his territory which served Apple Computer, the dealers, and their customers.

Next he served as Vice President of Sales for Holland Automation, an international accounting and manufacturing software company.

He was given a small window of opportunity to buy the rights to market software in the US and had to make the decision before setting up the organization to carry out the plan. As President of the North American distribution company, he tripled revenue and expanded growth into Mexico and South America. After building the organization he wanted, he sold it and took a new direction and joined the ranks in the financial markets – where he was faced with his greatest challenge and won big.

He turned his eye to consulting and training, he choose to associate with several international training and consulting firms to further his experience an knowledge base.

In 2001, he received his CSP, Certified Speaking Professional designation, from National Speakers Association. In 4, 2002, he received his CSP, Certified Sales Professional designation, from API. In 2014, he received the Belisle Chapter Leadership Award from ATD-OC.

He is creator and designer of the communication process Directed Communication™, qualification process R.A.D.A.R.™, the Question Grid™, and decision-making identifier R.A.P.™.

He shares his knowledge with you, your organization, and the ones you love. His skills have come from his journey. He’s not a college football star (he turned down the opportunity to play for the University of Alabama and Bear Bryant in 1975), an Olympian (he turned down an invite to the US Crew Team in 1980), professional athlete (although he started playing rugby at 46), or world class golfer. He’s more like the participants in the program, and like them, he has his passions. One passion is persuasive communication.

You’re not hiring him for what he has accomplished. You’re hiring him for what he accomplishes for you and your organization. He doesn’t have a PH.D., noble prize, or presidential award. He’s more like the audience members that have learned through experience and risk. He’s more like those individuals leaders depend on to get the job done right – the everyday heroes you count on everyday. That’s why they connect with him and more importantly have shared experiences.

Language is our connection to the world around us. It affects our attitude, beliefs, and even our ability to succeed. Jeffrey Hansler has developed exercises and methods to pass on mastery of persuasive communication – a mastery which leads to even greater success.

Boundaries are being surpassed daily by individuals and organizations reaching for greater success. What better individual to introduce your organization to than one who has surpassed boundaries repetitively.



Clients include VISA, Pacificare, Aetna, Prudential, MTV, Alaska Airline, First National, CIA, Del Webb, Boeing, Honda, Quantum, and AT&T. Here are some of comments received from past clients: Testimonials

A Few Words From Jeffrey

“I wish to contribute to your everyday interactions with others by increasing your communication power. You have a right to get what you want out of life and language skills help you get exactly what you want!

Each moment is a choice: an opportunity to be better, different, and happier. Life isn’t always kind or easy. Increasing your communication power provides you the options you want and need.

Language is the connection between ourselves and the world around us. To master the power of communication is to hold the key to treasures previously out of reach.”